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Wildflowers Limited Edition Botanical Candle in Green Glass Jar *Seasonal

Wildflowers Limited Edition Botanical Candle in Green Glass Jar *Seasonal

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Special Limited Edition *Wildflowers* Candle in green bottle-glass jar with matte-black metal lid.

Experience the scent of fresh florals & meadow greens in this NEW botanical blend with essential oils from a variety of plants & herbs to delight the senses.

Our Wildflower scent is a blend of fresh, sweet, and floral notes. It’s a carefully crafted recipe that combines our flower and herb oils to capture the scent of colorful wildflowers on a warm sunny day in our mountain meadows. Inspired by & celebrating the native wildflowers that emerge from our beautiful mountain in the springtime & the annual wildflower festival at the Idyllwild Nature Center. 

Wildflower blend Aromatherapy Notes: calming, uplifting, cleansing, and refreshing 

Vegan candle is handmade with 100% plant-based wax, natural fragrance derived from essential oil, & blended with dried botanicals then hand poured into an old-world style green glass jar. Cotton wick is used for clean burning & natural white color of wax so there is no color dye is added. All of our candles are Phthalate free.

3.15" Diameter x 2" Height
Burn time: 35 + hours

Hand poured in Idyllwild, California

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Aromatherapy Notes :


Rose has a delicate, sweet, and floral fragrance. Its aroma is romantic, timeless, and often associated with beauty and elegance.

Aromatherapy Notes :

White Sage

White sage has a strong, earthy, and herbaceous fragrance. Its aroma is cleansing and purifying, often associated with spiritual rituals and practices. The scent is crisp and can bring a sense of clarity and calmness to a space.

Aromatherapy Notes :


Lavender has a sweet, floral, and herbaceous fragrance. Its aroma is calming and soothing, with gentle notes that bring a sense of relaxation and freshness, making it a popular choice in aromatherapy and relaxation products.

Aromatherapy Notes :


Honeysuckle has a sweet, floral fragrance with a hint of honey. Its aroma is enchanting and evokes a sense of summer, bringing to mind blooming gardens and warm, sunny days.