Handmade Ceramic "Spread Love" Wall Art

Cindy Lou Brooks

$ 28.00

Artist: Cindy Lou Brooks

Media: Glazed Ceramic, Found Objects, Wood, Wire

About Spread Love:
While hiking one magical day Cindy found an ornament hanging from a pine branch with the words
“Be Kind” engraved on it. She used this inspiration to create her own artful bells, ornaments, wall hangings and mobiles in the hope of spreading love, joy and kindness. Each is unique and created by hand with the idea of hanging them for others to find or to keep for yourself as a gentle reminder of the importance of love and connection.

About the Artist:
Cindy is a local therapist with a private practice in town. She sees art as a healing practice and values the importance of creation for better health and well-being. She conducts retreats in Idyllwild that combine experiential art, equine assisted therapy and yoga. Find out more information at www.cindybrookslmftsep.com & follow her on Instagram at @cindylubrooks

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