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There are some scents that are typically thought of in the fall or holiday season, that I personally enjoy any time of year. Specifically, cinnamon and peppermint. I love the warmth and comfort of cinnamon because it reminds me of baking, desserts, and my favorite time of year (which happens to be fall). Peppermint is a fresh, awakening scent that I love on its own or combined with sweeter scents (ahem... chocolate). Wax Apothecary has a wide selection of candles that not only smell amazing, but look beautiful as gifts or decorations in your home. I have two scents and styles of their candles - a Cassia Cinnamon candle in Scotch glass and a Peppermint candle in a travel tin.

wax apothecary cinnamon - the beauty puff

Cassia Cinnamon Scotch Glass Candle

The presentation of these candles is beautiful, no matter what scent you choose. The tops of the candles feature different decorative touches depending on the scent, such as dried flowers or in this case, cinnamon. The scotch glass candle is a decorative piece all on its own with its thick glass base. It is a beautiful touch that fits in with any decor. The candle itself is 100% soy wax and features the fragrance of essential oils. The scent is rich and warm - giving an instant feeling of "cozy" in any season.

wax apothecary peppermint - the beauty puff

Peppermint Travel Tin

As you can see, even the tins have gorgeous decoration on top of the wax. This does get covered once the top layer of wax is melted and cooled, but you can see it while the candle burns. If you are looking for a smaller, more portable candle, you will love these travel tins! These candles are 4oz and have lids so they are really easy to store. I'm constantly changing the candles I burn so I love having multiple, smaller options as well. Also, if you want to try out a scent, this size is great to start out with. Then, you can get one of the larger sizes if you really like it. I happen to LOVE this scent. As this candle burns, you get a burst of cool freshness from the peppermint. It's not a strict "holiday time" scent, however it would be fantastic for the cooler months as well. This scent would also make a great gift. It's not a scent that's strictly feminine or masculine so it's great for anyone.

Wax Apothecary candles come in the varieties you see above, as well as 10oz double wick candles and 6pc wax melts. They have several scents to choose from such as French Lavender, Pure Rose, Vanilla and more. See all available products at:

The Beauty Puff

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