The Candle Reviewer : Wax Apothecary's Vanilla is "something special"


Handmade in Southern California, USA, Wax Apothecary use only the purest natural fragrances in their artisan candles. These Vegan & kosher friendly waxes use only natural soybean oil, making their home fragrances harmless, and free of any toxic ingredients. As well as all these valuable benefits, these pretty little tins are beautiful gifts!

Personally, if I'm going to sample a vanilla fragrance, there has to be something special about it; and that's certainly what I found inside my Wax Apothecary candle. Decorated with pretty dried flowers, the wax had a gorgeous, mouth watering aroma, that reminded me of warm, buttery popcorn. Once burning, the natural soy wax took no time to pool out, and brought a delicious scent into the room, which prompted my guests to ask where the beautiful scent was coming from. I loved lighting this candle in my living room, as it provides a glorious ambience, perfect to welcome us into Autumn

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