Vanilla Botanical Candle Travel Tin

Wax Apothecary

$ 15.00

4 oz botanical candle in travel tin.

Vanilla has a sweet, warm, and comforting fragrance. Its aroma is rich, creamy, and often described as sweetly indulgent. Vanilla is a versatile and widely loved scent, evoking a sense of warmth and familiarity.

Vanilla Aromatherapy Notes: calming, comforting, balancing

4 oz vegan candle is handmade with 100% plant-based wax, natural fragrance derived from essential oil, & blended with dried botanicals. Cotton wick is used for clean burning & natural white color of wax so there is no color dye is added. All of our candles are Phthalate free.

2.5" Diameter x 1.75" Height
Burn time: 15 Hours +

-Made in the USA

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